Renders an identicon for all <canvas> and <svg> elements in the specified jQuery collection. Only available if jQuery is loaded before Jdenticon is loaded and the UMD build of Jdenticon is used (jdenticon.js or jdenticon.min.js).

$(...).jdenticon([hash|value[, config]])


hash|value is considered a hash string if the string is hexadecimal and contains at least 11 characters. It is otherwise hashed using SHA1. If no hash or value is specified, the value of the data-jdenticon-value or data-jdenticon-hash attribute is used.

config (from v2.2.0) specifies an optional configuration object. If no configuration is specified, the global configuration is used. For backward compability this parameter can also be a padding value in the range 0.0 to 0.5.


The following priority order is used to resolve the icon configuration when the icon is drawn:

  1. config parameter passed to this method.
  2. Configuration object passed to jdenticon.configure().
  3. jdenticon_config global variable.