Command line install scopes

The Jdenticon CLI tool can be used to generate identicons. You can also use it from build scripts etc.

The command to execute Jdenticon depends on how you have installed Jdenticon. You can execute the Jdenticon CLI command without installing Jdenticon by using npx.

No installation

npx jdenticon user127

If you have installed the package locally, you can use npx to invoke Jdenticon. In this case, npx will run the installed Jdenticon version. Just ensure the Jdenticon version is at least 2.2.0.

Install Jdenticon locally

npm install jdenticon
npx jdenticon user127

If you have installed Jdenticon globally you can skip npx to invoke Jdenticon.

Install Jdenticon globally

npm install -g jdenticon
jdenticon user127