Jdenticon Namespace

Contains all you need to generate icons with no or very basic customization. Import this namespace to be able to render identicons since all save operations are implemented as extension methods for the Identicon class.


Public classGdiExtensions
Extends Identicon with GDI specific methods.
Public classHashGenerator
Helper class for generating hashes for any values.
Public classCode exampleIdenticon
Represents an identicon for a specific hash.
Public classIdenticonRequest
Holds the information needed to render a requested icon, and supports serializing to and from String.
Public classIdenticonStyle
Specifies the color style of an identicon.
Public classPngExtensions
Extends Identicon with PNG specific methods.
Public classCode exampleRange
Public classRangeConverter
Public classSvgExtensions
Extends Identicon with SVG specific methods.
Public classWpfExtensions
Extends Identicon with WPF specific methods.


Public structureRangeTValue
Represents a range between two values.


Public enumerationExportImageFormat
Specifies the file format of an identicon.


Before using Identicon the Jdenticon-net package needs to be added to the project. Use the NuGet Package Manager to add a reference.

NuGet Package Manager
PM> Install-Package Jdenticon-net

The following code illustrates how to use Jdenticon to generate an icon from a string and save it as a PNG image. Note that all save operations are implemented as extension methods, which means a using for the Jdenticon namespace is required.

Generate identicon as PNG
using Jdenticon;
// ...
    .FromValue("string to hash", size: 160)