Jdenticon.Rendering Namespace

Classes that are responsible for generating and rendering icons.


Public classActionDisposable
An IDisposable implementation that executes an Action upon disposal.
Public classColorConverter
Converts Color to String, and vice versa.
Public classColorTheme
Specifies the colors to be used in an identicon.
Public classGdiRenderer
Renders icons to a GDI+ Graphics drawing context.
Public classHueCollection
A collection of hue values.
Public classHueString
Specifies a list of hue values as a string.
Public classHueStringConverter
Converts HueString to String, and vice versa.
Public classIconGenerator
Generates identicons and render them to a Renderer. This class dictates what shapes will be used in the generated icons. If you intend to customize the appearance of generated icons you probably wants to either subclass or modify this class.
Public classPngRenderer
Renders icons as PNG using the internal vector rasterizer.
Public classRenderer
Base class for rendering shapes in an identicon.
Public classSvgRenderer
Renders icons as SVG paths.
Public classWpfRenderer
Renders icons to a WPF DrawingContext.


Public structureColor
Represents a 24-bit color with a 8-bit alpha channel.
Public structurePointF
A 2D coordinate.
Public structureRectangle
The coordinates of a rectangle.


Public enumerationHueUnit
Specifies the unit of a hue value.
Public enumerationTriangleDirection
Specifies in what direction the 90 degree angle of a triangle is pointing.