IconGenerator Class

Generates identicons and render them to a Renderer. This class dictates what shapes will be used in the generated icons. If you intend to customize the appearance of generated icons you probably wants to either subclass or modify this class.
public class IconGenerator
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SystemObject Jdenticon.RenderingIconGenerator


Public methodIconGenerator
Initializes a new instance of the IconGenerator class


Public propertyCellCount
Gets the number of cells in each direction of the icons generated by this IconGenerator.


Public methodGenerate
Generates an identicon for the specified hash.
Protected methodGetCategories
Gets an enumeration of the shape categories to be rendered in icons generated by this IconGenerator.
Protected methodStatic memberGetHue
Determines the hue to be used in an icon for the specified hash.
Protected methodGetInnerRectangle
Creates a quadratic copy of the specified Rectangle with a multiple of the cell count as size.
Protected methodStatic memberGetOctet
Gets the specified octet from a byte array.
Protected methodGetShapes
Gets an enumeration of individual shapes to be rendered in an icon for a specific hash.
Protected methodRenderBackground
Renders the background of an icon.
Protected methodRenderForeground
Renders the foreground of an icon.

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