PngRenderer Class

Renders icons as PNG using the internal vector rasterizer.
public class PngRenderer : Renderer


Public methodPngRenderer
Creates an instance of the class PngRenderer.


Public methodAddCircle
Adds a circle to the image.
Protected methodAddCircleNoTransform
Adds a circle without translating of its border.
Public methodAddPolygon
Adds a polygon to the image.
Protected methodAddPolygonNoTransform
Adds a polygon without translating or changing direction of the points.
Public methodAddRectangle
Adds a rectangle to the image.
Public methodAddRhombus
Adds a rhombus to the image.
Public methodAddTriangle
Adds a triangle to the image.
Public methodBeginShape
Begins a new shape. The shape should always be ended by disposing the returned IDisposable.
Public methodFlush
Flushes all pending draw operations to the target.
Public methodSavePng
Saves the rendered icon as a PNG stream.
Public methodSetBackground
Sets the background color of the image.

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