WpfRenderer Class

Renders icons to a WPF DrawingContext.
public class WpfRenderer : Renderer


Public methodAddCircle
Adds a circle to the image.
Protected methodAddCircleNoTransform
Adds a circle without translating of its border.
Public methodAddPolygon
Adds a polygon to the image.
Protected methodAddPolygonNoTransform
Adds a polygon without translating or changing direction of the points.
Public methodAddRectangle
Adds a rectangle to the image.
Public methodAddRhombus
Adds a rhombus to the image.
Public methodAddTriangle
Adds a triangle to the image.
Public methodBeginShape
Begins a new shape. The shape should always be ended by disposing the returned IDisposable.
Public methodFlush
Flushes all pending draw operations to the target.
Public methodSetBackground
Sets the background color of the image.

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